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by James Hawke

Yeovil Ukulele Festival 2023

Sunday 10th September          11.00am ~ 9.00pm

~ The line up includes ~
( subject to change )

the mother ukers

matthew quilliam

dead mans uke

john atkins ( the ukulele teacher )

kitty stewart

the ukes of wellington

in sync

the happy pluckers

there will also be workshops from

john atkins
‘Spice up the C, F and G chords’ with The Ukulele Teacher.
Helping confident beginners reach the next level by showing alternate chords, positions and playing filler notes to take the listener on a journey, and even a few new strumming tricks to stop all of your songs from sounding the same.

dead mans uke

‘Under the Covers’ with Dead Mans Uke.
Learning how to craft cover versions of songs
that are uniquely and distinctly yours.

matthew quilliam
‘Play like George!’ with Matthew Quilliam.
An introductory overview and breakdown of the syncopated rhythms that made George Formby such a well-loved
and remembered ukulele player.
Mother Ukers
Matthew Quilliam
Dead Mans Uke
John Atkins
Kitty Stewart
Ukes of Wellington
In Sync
Happy Pluckers
Tithe Barn

and workshop tickets
ARE available now
see below ~

10 Sept, 11:00
Haselbury Mill
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